Who are we?

The Palliative Home-Care Society of Greater Montreal enables all persons in the advanced stages of cancer or other life-limiting illness to conclude the final chapter of their life in the comfort of their home. The Society will provide all the necessary care, services and support free of charge. From an academic and research perspective, the Society contributes to the advancement of knowledge in palliative care and participates in the development of scientific and clinical approaches, particularly related to in-home palliative care.

Our commitment

To the patient

To enable all persons in the advanced stages of cancer or other life-limiting illness to remain in their home as long as possible, close to their loved ones, and conclude the final chapter of their life at home. The Society will provide all the necessary care, services and support necessited by their condition.

To the patient’s support network

To enable all those who would like to provide end-of-life care at home, by providing all the help, support, training and information they will need, to accompany the patient in the final stage of their life with serenity and peace of mind.

Our approach and values

All the membrers, employees and volunteers of the Society commit to living our core values on a daily basis. Our comprehensive approach is based on a wholistic and humanistic philosophy that takes into account the entirety of the situation, including the patient, their support network and the home as the care setting. It considers the impact of the illness on all aspects of the person, including the physical, psychological, cognitive, familial, social and spiritual. That is why we refer to it as a comprehensive approach.

Service excellence


Dedication and compassion

Respect and tolerance


An interdisciplinary team at your side

The success of the SSPAD lies in the deeply human character of all the contributors who are closely or remotely connected to it. The bonds that this small team weaves with the patient and their caregivers create a space where their humanity and their suffering can be expressed with confidence in a relationship founded on respect.

What is unique in our interdisciplinary approach is the sharing between caregivers and other members of the team who give themselves permission to live, without judgments; all intimate moments of the patient’s. This collective caring translates into a quality service that is reflected in our flexibility, reactivity and our compassion for the patients entrusted to us.

Our history

1967-70 : The beginnings

The beginning of the Palliative Home-Care Society of Greater Montreal (SSPAD) coincides with the arrival in Quebec of hospitalization insurance coverage in 1967, then government medical insurance in 1970. In taking over control of the management of health care services, the government of Quebec abolishes all ‘billing’ of in-home private medical services. This brings about the unfortunate disappearance of a very useful service, the Société des Infirmières Visiteuses (Visiting Nurse Society).

1973 : Birth of the “Association d’Entraide Ville-Marie” (Ville-Marie Mutual Assistance Association)

It was thanks to the unwavering determination of a small team, without any formal organisation, financially strapped, but full of benevolence, that the Association d’Entraide Ville-Marie (AEVM; Ville-Marie Mutual Assistance Association) was born in 1973. It’s challenge – to care for and support patients and their families. As the notion of palliative care becomes clearer and more known (especially with the opening of the palliative care unit of the Royal Victoria Hospital in 1975, and at Notre-Dame Hospital four years later), the mission of the AEVM becomes clear:

Provide palliative care, psychological support and spiritual guidance to all patients in an advanced stage of cancer who would like to live the final stage of their life at home. The Association also provides caregivers with help and support, with all the respect, dignity and compassion that such work requires.

1980 : Creation of the “Fondation Docteur Maurice Bertrand” (Doctor Maurice Bertrand Foundation)

Achieving this noble objective required both private funds and ongoing financial contributions from the government to ensure the sustainability of the organisation. In light of this, friends with a shared belief initiate the creation of the Fondation Docteur Maurice Bertrand (Doctor Maurice Bertrand Foundation), in honour of a great humanist who was exceptionally devoted and showed unwavering commitment to the development of the AEVM (Ville-Marie Mutual Assistance Association). In 2009 The AEVM changed its name to become the ‘Société de Soins palliatifs à domicile du Grand Montréal’ (SSPAD; Palliative Home-Care Society of Greater Montreal).

Since its creation, SSPAD has treated and accompanied over 55,000 patients and their families. Each year, the work of the society helps 60% of its patients die at home, if that is their wish.

Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Board Members

Mr. Réjean Picard
Managing Director

Ms. Patricia Pineault, MSc
Researcher and professor

Mr. Yves Desjardins
Chief Executive Officer
Regroupement québecois des résidences pour aînés

Mr. Bérard Riverin
Chief Executive Officer
The Palliative home-care Society of Greater Montreal (SSPAD)

Ms. Gylaine Boucher
Consultant in Management, Health and Social Services

Mr. Pierre Bertrand

Ms. Laurence De Villers
General manager
Résidence Les Verrières Du Golf
Le Groupe Maurice

Ms. Guylaine Bolduc
Head of customer relations and strategic projects
JAMP Pharma

Ms. Julie Salvail
Senior Director of legal affairs 
Pharmaceutical Division, Groupe Jean Coutu

Ms. Gabrielle Tourigny, MSc
Coporate Director

Mr. Denis Courcy
Consultant in human resources

Dr. Benoît Deschamps
Palliative care specialist, researcher
St. Mary’s Hospital
Ms. Monique Jarry
Mr. Sébastien C. Caron
Associate Lawyer, Director
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