Your time is a precious gift

Do you want to make a valuable contribution by bringing comfort and support to patients and their caregiver during this difficult time? Are you a good listener? Do you want to be a part of a fulfilling and enriching experience? Palliative care volunteering is made for you!

How can you help?
Everyone can make a contribution!

Trainings are offered to all volunteers.

Social Accompaniment

Home visits to break the isolation of families, accompaniment to provide relief to the patient’s caregivers, spiritual accompaniment, bereavement follow-up.


Accompanying the patient to their medical appointments and the delivery of medical samples. (Car mileage reimbursed.)


Improving quality of life through music, arts, relaxation or animal-assisted therapy.

Administrative support

Support the organisation’s mission by offering general administrative assistance.

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Being a volunteer in palliative care:
an experience with heart

Through their implication with patients and the patients’ support network, our volunteers are an essential part of improving quality of life and making it possible for our patients to live the final stage of their lives at home. Volunteers work in close collaboration with a committed and passionate clinical care team.

Being a volunteer with the SSPAD is much more than giving your time. It’s becoming a true member of the palliative home-care team, through a transformative and enriching human experience.

Our volunteers share their experiences

It’s 5:30am. It’s -30C outside, and the car has disappeared under a pile of snow. Her appointment is at 7am. I am so fortunate to be in relatively good health and to be able to offer my time and energy to a person who appreciates it so much. She thinks I’m helping her, but I know, that she is the one who is helping…by giving my life meaning! Thank you.



I have benefited from the services of the SSPAD as a caretaker, during the end-of-life care of my sister, Claire. It is then that I really understood how beneficial the work of the volunteers and the staff was to us during that time. This motivated me to give back, and bring the same kind of relief to the patients and their caretakers who are going through difficult times. It really helps them, and ‘in helping others we help ourselves’…Believe me!

Florence Isabelle


I like to believe that being present can make a difference.
I like to challenge myself to be really present.
I like meeting another person – all their strengths and weaknesses.
I try to approach suffering with humanity.
I like to accompany patients during the last chapter of their lives, as it helps me live in the moment.



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